Thirteen favorite gadgets

As new readers visit my site and comment, I ask them what their favorite kitchen gadget is, and boy, have the answers been varied and entertaining. For this week’s Thursday Thirteen, I offer you thirteen favorite gadgets from my new bloggy friends:

  1. Allison loves her Hand Held Cheese Grinder
  2. John loves his Pineapple Corer and Slicer
  3. Journeywoman loves her Garlic Press
  4. Jenny loves her Vegetable Dicer from Williams Sonoma
  5. June loves a good Wine Opener
  6. Kim loves her Microwave
  7. Elaine‘s husband loves his Kitchen Aid Mixer
  8. Jen loves her Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer Tool
  9. Jeanette loves her Cracker Barrel Club Sandwich Kitchen Timer
  10. JMom loves her Super Sharp Kitchen Knife
  11. Ben loves his Tupperware QuickChef Food Processor
  12. Stace loves her Coffee Maker (who doesn’t, really!)
  13. Buttonwillow Six loves her Kitchen Aid Hand-Held Blender

Thanks to all of you who stopped by! For those of you who are new to Kitchen Gadget Girl, tell me what your favorite kitchen gadget is!


  1. I love this! What a great list that you put together. I love my mixer, too…I use it often for baking cakes from scratch!

    And my french press is a must have in my kitchen, too!

    Happy TT 🙂

    Allisons last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #6

  2. When my kids were little I used the apple corer/peeler/slicer a lot. Now it the cheese grater.

    Alice Audreys last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #36 : Winnie the Pooh in 13 Words

  3. hey there, thanks for stopping by, good to see you again 🙂 i loved your list, i’m going to have to check out that food processor… i used to have a really good one, then it broke, and i tried several others and they sucked.. is that one small and easy to put together and take apart?

    Elaines last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #2

  4. One of my favorite gadgets is my cutting board and mezzaluna—great for herbs.

    kays last blog post..TT # 18: Ways I Use My Day Planner

  5. One of my girlfriends got an apple corer/peeler/slicer as a gift and thought, “Oh great, something else to crowd my cupboards.” But after using it a few times she realized it would never go in her cupboard because she never, ever wanted to put it away! When I got mine I completely understood. I love apples, and even though I love them unpeeled, uncored, and unsliced just fine, this tool makes them so much easier and fun to eat, not to mention less messy.

    Love this list–I LOVE gadgets!

    Jens last blog post..July 17: Thursday Thirteen

  6. This is the first time I have ever been a part of someones TT list! I am so honored!

    Happy TT!

    Jeanette (Always Been Different)s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen # 9

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