Cocktails from BlogHer08

In addition to great sessions and learning all sorts of useful tips, going to BlogHer 2008 has also meant the opportunity to socialize like an adult, at a bar, with cocktails. So, rather than tell you about what we ate at BlogHer (actually, the food was pretty good for a conference at a hotel), I am going to share what some of my new bloggy friends were drinking (or wanted to be drinking) during the social hour…

Susan from Working Moms Against Guilt prefers a nice Cabernet, while Amy in Ohio would love a Maker’s and Ginger Ale. When I saw her, she was drinking a Cosmopoliton, but I think that was only a substitute. A Mom Two Boys, in addition to having her photo taken with Guy Kawasaki, is a Margarita Rocks with Salt kinda gal. I knew we could be good friends. Two other folks around the table I cannot forget are Mommy Bits, who likes Absolute Citron and 7-up, and Headless Mom, who is currently drinking a Sangiovese from Italy (or, at least, she would like to be!)

My partner in crime this weekend, Pat, tells me that she prefers a Gin Martini, up, with two olives. And the first two people I met at BlogHer, after picking up my badge, were Lara from Life: The Ongoing Education (Vodka Cranberry) and Erica of Crummy Cupcake (Sidecar). You ladies rescued me and helped me over the initial social hump. Thank you.

Cheers to my new friends, look forward to raising a glass again with you soon!


  1. Gotta love Blogher ’08, martinis and my partner in crime. See you tomorrow.

    Patriciajs last blog post..Hostels in Northern California: Still cheap and loads of fun!

  2. Hi Gudrun! It was nice to meet you at BlogHer! My preferred drink this weekend was a cosmopolitan. 🙂

  3. Just reading this post makes me thirsty. It was so great meeting you this weekend!!!

    Shannanb aka Mommy Bitss last blog post..I need to Bitch…..For the First Time

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