Saturday Morning News (and the Funnies too)

Breaking News, Breaking News, Read all about it!

This is probably a cheap trick to get me to talk about their product, but hey, a sucker is born every day.

One of my photos from a trip to the California Academy of Sciences was selected to appear in the new San Francisco edition of the Schmap Guide, an online travel guide. Cool concept, you can build an itinerary online, then download it to your mobile device, and carry it with you as you traverse the city. Check it out – my photo is in the bunch about the Academy of Sciences, you might have to wait while it scrolls through.

In other news, my day job is still going well – as a writer for Uptake, I have the opportunity to attend cool blogger meetups, like the one last week at Hukilau in San Francisco, co-sponsored by Uptake and March is full of events promoting travel to Hawaii (like sun, surf and sand were not enough reasons to go!). Read more about the Hawaii: A Thousand Reasons to Smile promotion here.

And finally, Uptake is a great place to work, as they constantly educate me on neat SEO tricks and fascinating facts about the travel search industry. Did you know that metasearch is the important buzz word in travel search? Pat Jenkins wrote an article about the evolution of travel metasearch from flight prices to hotel rooms. Then she followed up with a side-by-side comparison of hotel metasearch sites. For the majority of my readers (up to about 3 now!) this will not be that interesting, but I think there are a few technology geeks in the crowd who might find this instructive. Let me know what you think.