1. I can smell spring from here!

    p.s. nice capture on the bee! wow!

  2. Kitchen Gadget Girl

    I love the bee picture – you can see that her legs are all full with pollen! She has been a busy bee 🙂

  3. Great photos, how did you get the bee?? Yes, I can see spring in our yard, too, so nice!

  4. Kitchen Gadget Girl

    it was the afternoon and the bee was very focused on her work, so I just waited until she stopped for a moment. I have not been able to get that shot before, most of the bees in my yard move kind of fast. Not sure if it was because of the time of day or the season, or what. But it worked!

  5. I don’t know..I live in New York and there are snowflakes falling down right now. Fingers crossed that it’s a fluke!

    mariss last blog post..How I Start My Morning

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