Blogger roundup from Hukilau Meet-up

Way back, last month, eons ago, I went to a blogger meetup sponsored by Uptake and In addition to chowing on tasty Hawaiian food from Hukilau in San Francisco, I was able to meet some of my fellow Uptake bloggers, as well as several special guests. And you know me, I like to ask “What is your favorite Kitchen Gadget?”:

Sharon from EverywhereTravel (and an Uptake Restaurant blogger), loves her OXO tongs, with the soft grip and pull tabs. And Cat, from WishBoneClover, and another Uptake blogger, is happy with her OXO Salad Spinner and a lemon juicer. I cannot recall if the lemon juicer was the squeeze kind or the reamer kind. And Lisa Dion is a fan of her wire mesh colander, in which she likes to wash fruit. 

Julie from ThingsYouShouldDo, came down to the city from Sacramento, just for Hawaiian food. That is dedicated! Her favorite kitchen tool is a Rabbit Wine Opener. David from Frommer’s is a fan of his pressure cooker, as well as his OXO garlic peeler. And Vanessa from AmIDoingOK tried to tell me her favorite is her gravy boat. Really? Ok, if you say so….

BloggerQueen (do you remember her from this blogger roundup?), still loves her Magic Bullet (yes, that does sound like a sexual device), but tells me she is also using her Crock Pot more often. Her friend, whose name escaped me, but Twitters under the handle 1stwinechick, was oohing and aahing over her wooden whisk.

Donna Airoldi and Fiona Ashley from TravelMuse were both in attendance – they write for TravelMusings. Donna loves her OXO garlic press (who doesn’t love OXO?), and Fiona was telling me about her All-Clad Waffle Maker with Thomas Keller Buttermilk Waffle Recipe, which sounds fabulous!

Nathan Kam favors his egg omelette maker, which sounds like a handy tool to have if omelettes are your thing. Michael Ni, also from, is a fan of extra long cooking chopsticks for stir frying. And Rebecca Pang, from the O’ahu Visitors Bureau, loves her microwave egg poacher. All three live in Honolulu, Hawaii, and were on hand to promote the Hawaii: A Thousand Reasons to Smile campaign – Mahalo!


  1. I used the Rabbit Wine Opener again – just last night!

    It was great meeting you at the Hukilau.

    Julie from Sacramento

  2. Kitchen Gadget Girl

    Julie, sorry for the tardy reply! I just found your comment in my spam folder (note to self: check spam folder more often!).

    With our nice hot weather, we have been enjoying several bottles of wine lately – glad we also have a Rabbit opener.


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