Gadget Review: Bagel Guillotine

Several months ago, I was asked to review the Bagel Biter, the original Bagel Guillotine, a kitchen tool designed to make slicing morning bagels easier and pain free. Last month, while relaxing after a post-birthday ride, I coaxed my friends into trying out the Guillotine and helping me with testing.

Jim Dodge of Larian Products, the manufacturer of the Bagel Guillotine, contacted me after I posted my 100th Post – 100 Kitchen Gadgets. I had mentioned a Bagel Slicer in my list, which I think might have been on our wedding registry. 

Around a table filled with bagels, cream cheese, juice and coffee, we tried out the Bagel Guillotine on many bagels, with mixed results:


  • Made in the U.S.
  • Contained high-carbon stainless blade, safe to use
  • Top rack dishwasher safe


  • Squishes the over-sized bagels so common nowadays
  • Not a smooth cut on the interior, could be a problem for toasted bagels
  • Is it really that hard to use a knife?


Bagel slicing cuts are one of the largest source of Emergency Room visits on Sunday mornings, which already gives this kitchen tool a head start. If you are a power bagel eater, or have kids that eat loads of bagels, this might be the tool for you. You could probably also use it to slice other round foods, such as English muffins and rolls. And, it is ergonomically designed, which is beneficial for many folks with hand and wrist issues.

At $24.95, it will not break the bank, but it is another single-use kitchen tool that needs to be stored. And really, a knife is going to be quite fine for most users.


  1. I agree that a knife would be just fine. Now, if the guillotine was built into the toaster….

  2. Kitchen Gadget Girl

    you are a genius! A toaster attached to a bagel slicer would be awesome. Sort of like the coffee grinder included in the espresso maker…

  3. Now this is precisely the sort of gadget I was talking about!

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