Celebrating the 4th, with food

Naturally, when I think of any major holiday, I concentrate on the food. Digging out special recipes, organizing potlucks, celebrating through good food, and passing on family traditions to my children is exactly how I like to remember the holidays. July 4th is no exception!

This weekend was busy – Friday night was our usual TGIF mini-block party and afterwards, we went to a fireworks display up north. Most of Friday and all day Saturday I spent making plum jam (post to follow). And in the middle of that all, I managed to make a few dishes to take to our friends Christy and Tim’s house for last night’s Independence Day BBQ.

Because Watermelons are in season, I brought my (now famous) Watermelon Limoncelloade. So refreshing on a hot day, and easy to make. If you did not have Limoncello, then just use vodka. Also, with the Limoncello added, you can reduce the initial sugar when muddling the mint.

I also whipped up a Pot of Beans, which was easier this time, since I had a couple batches of beans I had pressure cooked before and put in the freezer. Made putting together this dish a snap! Next time, I might try using some Bread & Butter pickle juice instead of the apple cider vinegar.

And finally, I made my first ever (and possibly last!) fresh cherry pie. I borrowed a cherry pitter from Ann, and pitted 10 cups of cherries (5 for this pie and 5 for a future pie). And I followed the recipe from the June issue of Oprah’s magazine. The crust was amazing, but with 2.5 sticks of butter, it better have been!

Did you make anything special for your July 4th celebration? I would love to hear about your special recipes and plans!


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  2. You amaze and inspire me. Wow.

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