Gadget Review: Oxo Cherry Pitter

Its cherry time!

And, I needed a pitter. I borrowed one from Anne a few weeks ago to make a cherry pie for July 4th, and the little pitter part kept coming loose, so I ended up with very purple fingers. She mentioned to me that folks rarely make a cherry pie from fresh cherries more than once, because pitting them is so onerous.

I was determined to see if I could find a solution.

A brief visit to Sur La Table took care of my problem – I picked up the Oxo Cherry Pitter and the minute I held it in my hands, I was amazed. The weight is just right, the handle is comfortable and the the pitter part stayed put. What a great kitchen tool!

Good thing too, as cherries were on sale last week. This weekend, my daughter and I pitted about 6 pounds. I am saving aside about 9 cups for 3 cherry pies later in the season. And with the rest, I will make a cherry relish for Thanksgiving.

If you are looking to take advantage of the beautiful cherries from the Pacific Northwest, pick up an Oxo Cherry Pitter to make the cleanup task that much easier!

Cherry Pitter on Foodista
Cherry Pitter on Foodista


  1. I don’t know where you are living…but in the United States it’s not ‘cherry time’. Any cherries you find in stores now are coming from Chile or someplace like that…1,000’s of miles from here. Got any idea how much fuel it took to get them here? Ever been to Southern Chile where the hole in the ozone is?

  2. Kitchen Gadget Girl

    Curt, thank you for your comment. If you will notice, the date of the post is July 23rd, which definitely falls within the cherry season here in the U.S. Glad to know you are so passionate about seasonal, local fruit!

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