Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver – make your own Danish Pancakes at home (review)

Not sure how it works at your house, but pancakes and waffles are a big deal around here. I think my kids would probably have them every day of the week, they love them so!

A few years ago, I was introduced to the Danish treat of Aebleskiver, (also written as Ebleskiver) a round puffed-pancake. These pancakes are light and fluffy, similar to a popover, but made in a special pan (wahoo! Another kitchen tool!) on the stove. The pan allows the Aebleskiver to come out round, and traditional Aebleskiver have little nuggets of goodness inside the pancake. Apple is common (Aebleskiver means apple slices in Danish), but my family also enjoys brown berries (chocolate chips). Savory Aebleskiver can include ham and cheese, or any thing else your heart desires.

Aebleskiver pan
Aebleskiver pan

At Foodbuzz earlier this month, I met Chad Gillard, one of the founders of Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver, from Minnesota. We got to talking and Chad shared with me the reasons Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver pans are so great:

  1. The cast iron pan is made in Minnesota
  2. Their special mix is hand-mixed using organic Minnesota grown flour and organic buttermilk from Wisconsin
  3. The nine-whole square pan allows the home chef to make enough for two (or three) hungry kids!

Chad also shared the Aunt Else’s YouTube video, which makes the process of cooking Aebleskiver so much clearer:

Following these instructions, my kids and I whipped up a batch this afternoon for snack. After a few false starts, and some less than puffy rounds, we got the hang of it and turned out some masterpieces. Heed the instructions about low-medium heat, that is important. And remember, powdered sugar is a perfect disguise for less than perfect pancakes!


If you are interested in an Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver pan of your own, Chad has extended a special offer to readers of Kitchen Gadget Girl! Mention “Kitchen Gadget Girl” in the “Add special instructions to the seller” during the checkout process, and receive 10% off your purchase. And if you follow Aunt Else’s on Twitter, Facebook or Foodbuzz you can also receive 10% off your order. Mention your follow in the same area during checkout. Plus, free shipping on orders over $50!

And if you, like Alton Brown, are worried about the pan being a uni-tasker, check out these pictures for Japanese Takoyaki and a recipe, as well as this recipe for Sand Dollar Cakes with Pork or Shrimp (Vietnamese)! It is possible you could use your Aebleskiver pan to make these tasty treats as well!

And yes, Chad did send me an Aebleskiver pan for review. What does this mean for you? Well, if you live close enough, you are welcome any weekend we are making these delightful Danish pancakes.

Ableskiver Pan on Foodista
Ableskiver Pan on Foodista

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  1. Glad to find out that you’ve tried, and found really good, the recipe for the Danish puff pancakes made in the special cast iron pan. (Not sure why a regular popover pan wouldn’t work, but that detracts from the mystique of the Abelskiver story.)
    And, sounds really good, and the inclusion of the YouTube demo was certainly necessary for full understanding. Not sure I go for chocolate chips for breakfast, but the apple slices or perhaps blueberries would be great. Dad

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