Menu Plan Monday: Chicken with Chocolate, Meatballs and Squash Soup

Wow, I had a whole week off from blogging! I did not really plan it intentionally, but after cooking our own Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, November 29th, we had enough leftovers to get through most of last week. Add in a couple nights out (BlogHer Holiday party at Tres Agaves and dinner with friends) and I needed no meal plan. It was nice to have a vacation.

This week, I will need a plan, because things are a little busy this week. A going away lunch, a cookie exchange, oh, and a little bit of work for Uptake. (latest post, Third Street Warehouse Sale in San Francisco)

The other great thing about this week, well, not great, but sort of good for the mind, is that we don’t have our vegetable box from Two Small Farms to rely on. Oh sure, I have things left over, most notably onions, sweet potatoes, cabbage and leeks. But for the most part, I need to think about where my food is coming from a little more for the next couple of months.

Because of this, I can cook all those recipes that I have been clipping and storing for the future! Here is my menu plan for the week of December 7:

Monday: Chicken with Chocolate and Herbes de Provence, steamed green veggie (seasonal, local), roasted sweet potatoes

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Meatballs in tomato sauce, pasta, green salad with pomegranate seeds and persimmons

Thursday: Butternut Squash soup with toasted pumpkin seeds, quesadillas, green salad

Friday: TGIF movie night and takeout

What is on your menu plan this week? Check out Org Junkie for more great ideas!