Menu Plan Monday: Spring at the farmer’s market

My trip this Sunday to the Farmer’s Market was awesome! Spring has definitely sprung and the variety was overwhelming. Every available stall was filled with a farmer, and I enjoyed just walking through and visiting with some of my favorites. Here is what I found:

From Coke Farm, organic broccoli rabe and celery root. Organic kiwi from Four Sisters Farm. Organic asparagus from Bounty of the Valley Farms in Salinas. And organic greens from Heirloom Organics. I also found some wonderful baby artichokes, which I hope to put to good use this week later this week, along with everything else. This is my menu plan for the week of Monday, March 8:

Sunday: Potato and green chili stew with lamb, Rancho Gordo Rio Zape beans, homemade tortillas

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Pasta with Asparagus Pesto, Lamb Mint meatballs

Wednesday: Greens with Cannellini Beans and Garlic, Celery Root Salad, roasted Salmon

Thursday: Leftovers, sautéed brocolli rabe

Friday: Dinner out to celebrate basketball end-of-season party

Saturday: Roast chicken with artichokes and caramelized lemon

What is on your menu plan this week? Any great ideas to share?


  1. My Menu for this week
    Monday: Left over from Sunday’s Oscar dinner

    Tuesday-Wednesday: Lemon Rosemary Roast Chicken Pasta and Zucchini
    Green Salad

    Thursday: Basil Pesto Chicken Sandwiches (using chicken breast from roast chicken on Tuesday/Wednesday and left over basil from Sunday’s dinner)
    Green vegetable

    Friday: Eat out or Pizza

    Btw… I love suggestions!

  2. Kitchen Gadget Girl

    Nice idea to pre-plan your use of leftover chicken on Thursday. I have not gotten into that style of leftovers, everything that is left in the fridge gets heated up and put on the table for a leftover buffet. I would love to be able to plan for working leftovers.

    Have a great week!

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