My Monday Menu Plan: Cold-weather comfort food


Hard to believe, even though these strawberries beg to differ, but the weather this May has been cold and rainy. Therefore, I have another week to whip out my cold-weather favorites for the family.

Our box this week from Two Small Farms contained Yellow Carrots, Strawberries, New Russet Potatoes, Red Leaf Lettuce, Scallions, Young Spinach and Summer Squash. Here is my menu plan for the week of May 24th:

Sunday: Grilled steak, salad with avocados and tomatoes from Frog Hollow Farms CSA, grilled onions and summer squash, grilled artichokes from the garden, bread

Monday: Skillet Macaroni and cheese with ham and spinach, salad, bread

Tuesday: Leftovers, along with salad with avocados and tomatoes, sliced oranges

Wednesday: Meatloaf, ginger carrots, roasted new potatoes, salad

Thursday: Eat out before Open House at school

Friday: TGIF and mini-block party

For last week’s TGIF, I made a couple appetizers from our veggie box:


Thinly sliced radishes atop buttered Mayfield Bakery sourdough, sprinkled with sea salt


Fava Bean Pizza with Parmesan, Fresh shallots and goat cheese


  1. I’m doing the same thing. The cold weather is letting me go back to some of our Fall/Winter dishes, with the addition of May vegetables. I’m going to try the radishes!

  2. Kitchen Gadget Girl

    I cannot believe how cold it is! My garden is loving the extra rain, but I worry that the tomato plants are finding it a bit chilly.

    Hey, we also went to Claire’s Squares chocolates at the Maker Faire yesterday. You are right, they were worth it!

  3. We woke up to snow! Definitely still cold weather food for here too.

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