Promotions and giveaways – how to reach your food blog audience

Ok, this is totally my own opinion. I made it up all by myself as I hauled three ginormous bags of loot home from Blogher Food last weekend. And after sorting through all the many treasures, I have these comments about companies who “get it” when it comes to promoting products to bloggers. Or at least it worked for me.

1. Nature’s Path

Instead of bombarding me with reasons why I should buy their product, Nature’s Path shows me how they are giving back to their community. The PR Representative, Maria, was a very passionate person to talk to, especially when you got her going on her favorite topic, organic urban gardens. By talking about the impact that her company is having on her local (and larger) community, I was able to see why this was a company I could believe in, one that certainly cares more about giving back.

2. Cuties Clementines

I am a sucker for nicely made cocktails, especially ones that don’t use manufactured mixes. I am also a sucker for real food, and real recipes demonstrating how to use that food. Cutie‘s did not try to give me a 5 pound box to take home, but they did give me a coupon for a free box in my own grocery store (actually, a couple coupons). Why they worked for me? Allowing me to experience their product on my own timetable.

3. Scharffen Berger Chocolates

Scharffen Berger is generous, no way around that. I came home from the conference with all sorts of chocolate, all sorts of different ways. What sets Scharffen Berger apart is the Chocolate Adventure Contest. By encouraging their audience to go beyond their comfort zone, and providing some of the supplies (saffron, anyone?), Scharffen Berger is giving us tools to continue to be creative. And who doesn’t love chocolate?

4. Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt

Stoneyfield is another company that gave us a coupon for their product, to be redeemed in the future. And a real coupon, for a FREE 32-ounce container of yogurt. But they are also taking the time to educate us about organic and why we should make the switch. And by providing solid reasons, rather than hysterical rhetoric, we have concrete evidence to make the change. Oh, and a bunch of recipes, especially one for Chocolate Yogurt Cheesecake, do not hurt.

5. Grampa’s Gourmet Honey

Might be my favorite of the weekend – instead of promoting their own honey, they are promoting all local honey and encouraging you to go out and find local honey, and then do something with it. They want you to blog about your experience and enter a contest, but those things are always optional. You don’t have to cook or create a recipe, you can have friends over for a honey tasting. What is not optional is exploring your local food. And since I have honeybees in my backyard, I will start right there.

Thank you to all the sponsors of last weekend’s conference and parties, I am sure without your presence, the cost to attend would have been very high!


  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I actually remember reading another insightful article on the Food Blog Forum on a similar topic that I thought you might find interesting – it’s more from a blogger’s point of view:

  2. Kitchen Gadget Girl

    Thanks for that article link – I had seen Food Blog Forum when it was first launched, but had not visited lately. Lots of good information on that site!

  3. I do greatly appreciate the smart sponsors who really take the time to think about having meaningful impact! love this post highlighting that!

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