Perfect Fried Egg (recipe)

Sometimes, when the CSA delivery brings a great bunch of braising greens (baby beet tops are my favorite) along with a red onion or two, I like to saute the vegetables and serve with a fried egg over the top. This works great for a late breakfast/early lunch, and provides several hours of great energy. If you like, a little cheese can be added on top and the whole mess can be slide atop a corn tortilla for a different take on chilaquiles. But first, we have to figure out the perfect fried egg!

With the help of The Kitchn, I established a few basics:

First: Heat your non stick pan on medium heat, and add a tablespoon of bacon fat (or butter, or olive oil, or whatever oil you like to use).

Second: Crack 1-2 eggs into the pan. Allow to cook, mostly undisturbed. The eggs are done when the white are set and become opaque.

Third: If you like over-easy, then flip your eggs about half way through, using either a spatula/egg turner, or if you are feeling gutsy, a strong wrist snap away and up, allowing the eggs to fly high, like 3 meter spring board divers. Catch them gently as they come down, to avoid breakage. Believe me, this technique takes practice.

Salt and pepper and serve.