Family Dinner Plan: Be thoughtful, be mindful, be moderate

This week brings the last few days of the Whole30 Challenge, yippee! This week also brings re-entry, introducing foods that were eliminated during the challenge to determine my specific reactions. I already have a guess or two about how I will react to wheat, but I am curious to see how it goes with dairy. Sugar will need to be one of those items that I keep close tabs on (do you know how many condiments contain sugar? It is astounding!) and legumes will appear now and then on the menu. To say nothing of alcohol. We have a lovely wine collection begging to be consumed.

One of the take aways from this challenge that will remain is being picky about what goes in my body. If I am going to eat sugar and wheat, then by golly, let’s make it the good stuff, not the crap stuff. If I am going to eat cheese, let’s make it a wonderful artisan cheese with loads of character and depth, rather than plain ol’ yellow cheese squares. Be thoughtful, be mindful, be moderate. That might be the new motto.

Mariquita Farms still has tomatoes available for canning and preserving for the winter. I have already put up 80 pounds of tomatoes, mostly as chopped tomatoes and sauce, as well as a batch or two of salsa. Hopefully I am set for the winter, it never looks like enough!

Our vegetable box this week contained Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes (already inhaled by the little tomato girl), Mixed Sweet Peppers, Acorn Squash, Bull’s Blood Beets, Early Girl Tomatoes, CauliflowerGreen Beans, Yellow Onions, and Bulgarian Hot Peppers. Not sure what to do with the hot peppers, although there is a tasty sounding recipe for Roasted Red Pepper Soup from Jonathan Miller on the newsletter.

Here is my menu plan for the week of October 7:

Sunday: Sausages from the newly reopened Dittmer’s Wurst Haus, roasted potatoes and cauliflower, green beans, sauerkraut

Monday: Roast Red Pepper Soup, roasted beet and green bean salad with smoked salmon, grilled cheese for the kids

Tuesday: Chili (from the freezer), cornbread, salad with good stuff (i.e. whatever looks good in the crisper)

Wednesday: Dinner out after soccer practice

Thursday: Probable dinner out with visiting relatives

Friday: Takeout and Trashy TV

What is on your menu plan this week?