Family Dinner Plan: Green Garlic is here!

Spring time brings lovely green garlic, garlic which has been harvested before maturity. Very nice flavor, mild but still garlicky, I use it almost anywhere I would use regular garlic.

Also in our box this week were Young Walla Walla Onions, Lettuce, Chicory Barba di Cappuccino (an Italian chicory), Fennel, Sugar Snap Peas, Carrots, and Red Chard. The sugar snap peas go off to the office with DH for lunches and snacks; it is the only time he willingly eats peas. Here is the menu plan for the rest of our box.

Menu Plan for the week of April 7:

Sunday: Chard souffle with green garlic and walla walla onions, lettuce and fennel salad, leftover potato leek soup, grilled market steaks

Monday: Leftover steak, wild arugula and fennel salad (with avocado), carrots with ranch (unless one of the kids takes these for lunch)

Tuesday: Japanese Tsukune with teriyaki sauce, pumpkin with sweet sesame glaze, braised chard, green salad with sesame dressing, white rice

Wednesday: Dinner out between track and music lessons

Thursday: Roasted salmon, roasted asparagus, salad with fennel, orange and avocado, brown rice

Friday: Chicken Curry with Sweet Potatoes and Coconut Milk, over whole wheat couscous – we are currently into Psyche and Big Bang for our Friday night family TV viewing. What is your favorite family TV?

And what is on your menu plan this week?