Family Dinner Plan: Is Fall here already?

Fall begins, I guess. The air smells different, a little crisper. And the shadows seem a little longer, but as Andy, our Mariquita Farms farmer pointed out, the first official day of fall is not until Sunday, September 22. I think in reality it has started a little earlier!

In our veggie box from Mariquita Farms, we found Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes (already inhaled), Early Girls Tomatoes (also inhaled), Carrots, Hungarian Wax Peppers, Kale (already gone in salad), Eggplant, Gala Apples and Cucumbers.

Here is my menu plan for the week of August 25:

Sunday: Grilled lamb chops, roasted ratatouille, roasted potatoes

Monday: Spaghetti and meatballs (I will use Spaghetti Squash for mine), sliced cucumbers and carrots

Tuesday: Masoor Dal and Carrot Soup with Cashew and Cilantro Pistou, grilled pork chops, nan bread, salad

Wednesday: Dinner out after soccer

Thursday: Roasted salmon, brown rice, roasted carrots

Friday: Trashy TV and Takeout!

What is on your menu plan this week?

P.S. Photos will come back soon, I just need to get re-inspired!