Family Dinner Plan: Irish stew and carrots


Our mystery bag from Farmdoor included a bountiful collection of orange and purple carrots, so this week’s menu will feature carrots a few times. The chickens are also thrilled, since they seem to like carrot tops the best and carrots from local farms tend to include a prolific bunch of tops (see photo above).

Here is my menu plan for the week of March 29:

Sunday: Irish Stew, green salad

(Meatless) Monday: Moroccan carrots, quinoa, green salad, pineapple beet ambrosia

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Grilled pork chops, roasted turnips and beets, sautéed green vegetable

Thursday: Fish on Thursdays*, with rice and a green vegetable or three

Friday: Takeout and trashy TV (unless we decide it is homemade pizza night)

What is on your menu plan this week?

* I signed up for a new CSA for fish called Real Good Fish. Each week I will pick up our share, about 1.5 pounds of locally caught, sustainable fish. It will be a bit of a mystery what each week brings and so I am not sure how I will prepare the week’s fish. Definitely a new challenge!

Meatless Monday is back. I took a pledge at work to include a meatless dinner on each weekly menu. While I try to buy the majority of my meat locally, I still think I would like to have a diet weighted more towards vegetables. One meal a week should be no problem!