Family Dinner Plan: Still, the sous vide

Last week I wrote about my new sous vide machine and this week I have had a couple opportunities to play around with the device. The photo above is from dinner on Thursday night, a super easy Teriyaki Chicken Breast that took 45 minutes in the sous vide, just the amount of time I needed to put together the sides. This came about after I had lunch with Annette who told me how easy it was to use the sous vide during the week. I thought most recipes took 3+ hours, but she explained that you can cook a steak in under an hour. Revolutionary!

Here is my menu plan for the week of May 17:

Saturday: Tandoori-spiced sous vide lamb chops (rubbed lamb loin chops with Patak’s Concentrated Curry Paste before vacuum sealing and sous vide bath), Indian-inspired coleslaw (cumin and mustard seed vinaigrette over shredded cabbage and carrots), basmati rice and naan

Sunday: Sous vide short ribs, roasted potatoes, braised chard, green salad with radichio

Monday: Sous vide butternut squash, carrot and ginger soup, grilled cheese, green salad

Tuesday: ?

Wednesday: Fiesta Wednesday (not as good as Taco Tuesday, but it will have to do!)

Thursday: Real Good Fish Day!

Friday: Take out and Trashy TV!

*We are having our sous vide short ribs tonight for dinner. That recipe was a 72 hour recipe from last week’s menu, and by the time Wednesday rolled around, we had one person traveling, one person with an evening activity, and another two who need to run errands. I quick chilled the completed dish, still in the vacuum bag, and then popped into the freezer. I will reheat tonight in the sous vide and serve as planned.