IKEA Hack: Twin XL Bed with Storage

The big guy needed a new bed, something to support his growing height. I searched high and low for twin XL beds with storage, but couldn’t find any that would fit our space constraints. It became clear the easiest plan was to make our own.

Using the BESTÅ storage system components from IKEA, we created a bed with plenty of storage and enough length to accommodate a twin XL memory foam mattress. The bed consists of two BESTÅ TV units, 70 7/8″ long. The mattress is 39×80″ long, so on the end we added a BESTÅ Frame with two compartments, at 47 1/4″ wide. This gave us a couple extra inches on each side, which is covered easily with the comforter cover.

On the right side, the shelves are left open to store books and miscellaneous collectables. On the end, we added a shelf into each cubby, which creates a great shoe storage area for his size 14s!

On the left side, we added in three of the BESTÅ deep drawer frames which is great storage for extra sheets.

Once the cabinets were built, we measured and squared off the system and added a 39″x80″ piece of plywood. We drilled pilot holes, then used wood screws to attach the plywood to the cabinets at the joints. It might have been nice if we had gone the extra step and painted the plywood black, but we did not. Maybe next summer!