12 Days of Local Christmas, 2010: Frog Hollow and Bellwether Farms

Remember back in October when I wrote about an awesome dinner I made with Bellwether Crescenza cheese and fresh tomato salad? I still dream about that cheese. So I was pleased to see Frog Hollow Farms (my favorite local, organic fruit CSA) and Bellwether together at the Foodbuzz event, showing how well Warren Pears and

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Best Ever Chilaquiles (recipe)

Chilaquiles Casserole

Chilaquiles, a traditional Mexican hangover cure, is a truly flexible dish easy to throw together for an impromptu brunch or dinner after a busy day. This recipe originally was clipped out of the San Francisco Chronicle in 2003, and every time I find a fresh bunch of chard in my Two Small Farms vegetable box,

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Italian Cooking Class (recipes and photos)

Last month, we learned to cook pasta the Italian way, at a cooking party to benefit our school. Our hostesses, Lucia and Susanna, from La Bottega in Menlo Park, created a thoughtful menu highlighting three pasta dishes from the north, center and south of Italy – Linguine al Pesto, Bucatini Casio e Pepe, and Caserecce

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