Clean Food Diet, Day Six: Now, let’s talk about fat

Thai Cooking Class dinner

On Thursday, we talked about sugar. Let’s spend some time talking about fat, the other big gotcha in processed food. Well, that and salt. But talking about salt in canned foods makes my head spin. Have you seen how much sodium is in a can of black beans or tomato paste? Staggering. Back to fat

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Clean Food Diet, Day Five: Clean Kitchen Tools

Surprise! It's Yogurt, Fruit and Flax Meal!

Jennifer sent me a question about clean cookware, to replace her non-stick saucepans. Without claiming to be an expert, nor even a super knowledgeable enthusiast, I responded to her question with these suggestions. Anodized aluminum cookware has many of the features of non stick models, with a very nice, scratch resistant surface. We have an

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Clean Food Diet, Day Four: Let’s Talk about Sugar

Clean Breakfast, Day Four

High fructose corn syrup. That is really the sugar I am talking about. Oh sure, there is white sugar, which is refined, and brown sugar, and honey and maple syrup, but the one sweetener getting the most attention these days is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). The Mayo Clinic has a nice piece on the

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Clean Food Diet, Day Three: Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

Corn tortillas, taco meat with Morris Grass Fed Beef and taco spice from Penzey's, tomatoes, lettuce, avocados, cheese

In California, eating organic and local is almost a birthright. Especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, which seems to be surrounded on all sides by farmers and ranchers eager to share their organic and locally grown produce and meats with interested consumers. Even though we subscribe to a Community Supported Agriculture for both vegetables

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