Clean Food Diet, Day Five: Clean Kitchen Tools

Surprise! It's Yogurt, Fruit and Flax Meal!

Jennifer sent me a question about clean cookware, to replace her non-stick saucepans. Without claiming to be an expert, nor even a super knowledgeable enthusiast, I responded to her question with these suggestions. Anodized aluminum cookware has many of the features of non stick models, with a very nice, scratch resistant surface. We have an

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41 uses for a Le Creuset 5.5 Quart Cooker

Popcorn in Le Creuset Suzy was thinking about buying a Le Creuset Dutch oven, but wasn’t sure how she could use it in her everyday kitchen. Here are my favorite ways: Making any kind of soup. For example, Green Garlic Soup with Potatoes. Any kind of stew, including Lamb Stew with Leeks and Baby Artichokes

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